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: To create awareness about the product and sample Sports Men and Women
Strategy: Deployment of an experiential MPU to disseminate brand value amongst the target consumers.
Results: Over 50,000 athletes sampled and there-by creating bonding between the brand and the target consumers.

Brief: To create awareness about the product and sensitize the mobile phone market about the uniqueness of the brand.
Strategy: Deployment of an experiential MPU to disseminate brand values amongst the target consumers and market storm via Brand Ambassadors.
Results: Over 20,000 pieces of ZEN phones were sold and all outlets at the activation venues were heavily merchandised.

Brief: To develop and implement a strategic event to host and reward all NB Plc distributors nationwide to position distributors ahead of competition to Beat All Rivals (BAR).
Coverage: Location Based Event: Pan Nigeria Delegates
Strategy: Deployment of state of the art event stage, branded ambience, usherettes, artistes, stand-up comedian, production of IVs, provision of venue, and press coverage all to befit the image of the organization
Result: Further increase loyalty amongst trade personnel and higher endorsement of company objectives.

Brief : - To organize a walkathon for 2009 class in support of the cause of education in Nigeria.
Strategy: - Participants smartly dressed in sport wears with branded T-shirts accompanied with band brigade, take a early morning walk round designated routes.
Results: - Awareness created about the poor state of education in Nigeria and the ‘Young at Hearts’ were rejuvenated.

Brief : -To organize annually, impactful Valentine event in order to reach 5,000+ undergraduates and brand consumers as well as to reward lucky winners.
Strategy: - Campus Storm and a transparent raffle draw event
Results: - More than 20% sales increase and over 5000 audience at the event.

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